Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 inside stories

2017 has come to it's final chapter. In few days time, we'll be saying hello to 2018.

Nearing to the end of 2017,  I wonder to myself - what have I done along this year? Have I tried to improve myself,  is there any achievement that I got, what have I done wrong and etc.

Not over thinking but self reflection. I think I didn't set any new year's resolution early this year (I think so), so there's no need to check on that. Kan?

2017. I don't get to blog much this year. But, I made my effort though.


Entering new year with a new relationship status. In the movies, the guy would go down on his knee and propose to you. Fancy dinner and a bouquet of flower. Well in my case, it wasn't like that. It's merely a simple conversation that we had in a car and the question pop out. So, this month was more about visiting and getting to know each other family.

On a different note, for the first time ever - I won an oven! Grand prize during JMC annual dinner. Weehuu!


Something unexpected event happened here. All this time, I thought that it will never happen till the time come. Emotionally after the event, I was feeling miserable.

Happy events - Sumandaks Aneys got engaged! I myself, kena risik. Hehe. In which, I was ask to hide somewhere during the process. Haha


Penang trip with Wakau Clans; everyone were still here. I'm the so called main character during this trip and there were some issue needs to be settled. Thank God it went well, and I'm indeed grateful that Anty Sigu made it to the trip.

I had a challenging task this month,being an OT. I was referred a dynamic splint, which is something I never done before. Honestly speaking, I don't know how to do at all. Got scolded by the specialist up to the point where he questioned my qualification. Thank God for the guidance and assistance from my OT friend, I was able to fabricate that splint. Phew


I passed my BLS course. Wow!

We had a last minute plan - Wakau's short trip to Kundasang & Ranau. The place we stayed was big enough as there were at least 20 of us.

Another trip to island. This time around, in Pulau Pandan Pandan KB with my colleagues. Sunburn!


I got engaged! Zal got engaged as well, the day after. Haha. We didn't plan it on purpose.


Another Sumandaks got engaged, Fenny! A week after me and Zal's.  The month that I need to fully utilized my owing hours because after this, no more. Phew.

In my  June edition - I felt burn out with my routines. I'm aware of this term as I learnt that back in uni. Back then, I felt weird why would someone be burn out with their work. Now that it hits me, it's not to get rid of it.


I started doing baby steps preparation for the wedding next year.  We went to Bridal Fair and asked about the packages. Not cheap I could say. 

Uncle Madius got admitted to ICU. His condition was quite critical at that time and he needs to go for surgery.

Another last minute plan. UKM Borneo Gang reunion at Rachel's house. It went well. I would love to stay longer but I can't.


It was raining heavily few days of this month and it was flooding in Wakau. I was home on that time.

Church friend from KL came to visit Sabah and I became the unofficial tourist guide. Haha


My favourite month and this year, with lots of public holiday. 

My second climb,  post earthquake. 
Losing Uncle Madius
My dessert 28th birthday! Day spent well. Hehe


Another item in the wedding checklist - checked! That was, attending a 3 days pre-wedding course. 

Cik Casey came to visit with her little family. Initial plan was to join her in Kundasang, but the date clashed with the course. But, managed to catch up for dinner.

Bad weather + heavy rain. Flooding again. No electricity, no telephone line.

Anty Sigh admitted to HDW. 


The unexpected news. 


Final chapter.

Annually Ekon's gathering, this year in Tungku, Lahad Datu. I was not planning to go at first since I only have 1 AL left but my parents insist. Just so that I can join them, we went there early Saturday morning, at 4 am and arrived there at 1pm. It was a bumpy ride, I vomited a lot of times. Miscommunication occurred about the homestay direction, dad got so mad that we went back wakau on the same day. Phew

Last minute idea on doing DIY fireplace christmas deco at home,inspired  by the deco here in JMC.

Joined carolling here at Metro Town for the first time. It was tiring but I enjoyed it.

Sumandaks annual gathering. I got a sandal from Rai!

Wakau Christmas gathering. I got a shirt from Aunty Tuna!

Attending bridal shower for the first time. I am the only one wearing a not so according to that theme that night, which is black and white. I wore white but with colors at the front. Haha

2017 - you bring lots of memories,mostly being as a first timer in certain stuff. I had my faith challenged  a lot this year and it did frustrates me. But all in all, I'm deeply grateful for the experiences I gained; may it be positive or negative.

2018 - I have plans for you and I look forward to make it happen, with God's willing. Amen.

P/S : 2017 inside stories is in multicolored font. Haha. Sorry but let it be then.

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