Sunday, September 24, 2017

Throwback Birthday

Hello 24th September!

When I was still a kid,birthday is something that I would always look forward to. Mainly because I get to eat cake and of course the birthday gift.

I don't really remember how I celebrated them all back then - but I'll try.

My first ever so called happening birthday party - when I was 12 years old. Why? Because, it was at Karamunsing's KFC (back then, KFC was only available in KK area).  Small part of KFC was closed for my party and we had games session before the cake cutting. I was so happy - mummy bought me a special attire for this, ordered a big Winnie The Pooh's cake and my friends gave me mostly Winnie The Pooh's gift. I still keep them with me.

My 13th birthday, I remembered getting a birthday wishes from almost everyone of my batch. Feeling over the moon although it was just a simple wish.

When I was 14, I wanted to stay awake till 12am. While waiting, I wanted to iron my school uniform. But, I was so damn sleepy. So,my dormmate offered to help me. Thanks,you!

On my 15th,16th and 17th birthday, Didie sent me a KFC meal along with a birthday card. I was deeply touched and ya, I cried while biting the chicken. Haha

18th birthday - BF on that time, sang me a birthday song. Sent it via Bluetooth a day before and asked me to only open it on the actual day. Haha

21st birthday - was in Genting Highland and had donuts as birthday cake. Thanks Geng Borneo UKM!

22nd birthday - was in Melaka for clinical posting. Birthday lunch treat from my fellow coursemate.

23rd birthday, my first ever surprised. Roommates aka coursemate surprised me with cupcakes.

24th on the 24th!

Enough with the throwback, I guess.

With each coming birthday, I felt the difference. I changed a lot.

But all in all, thank you Lord Jesus. I am grateful for your abundance blessing.

Happy 28th Birthday, dear self! 

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