Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Blessed beyond measure!


I'm not lucky, you don't know how much I've prayed. 

Well, I second that. For what I am, and what I've been today, there will always be that inside story. 

Officially 28 and yes, my birthday spent well. 

Years before, I love the idea of  given something that I really want on my birthday - dress, airtime reload, mobile phone, cash money and etc. 

Now that I think of it (I need to, now as we have this birthday exchange gift) - I am clueless! I don't even have a wishlist. 

I guess, it's no longer about the material gift. I'm grateful and blessed beyond measure to be surrounded with good and genuine people - mainly my VIPs.

Presence, attention and time worth more than an Iphone. But, having presence + attention + time + Iphone at the same time - why not! Hehe

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