Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Childhood baggage

I saw this one TV ad about child abuse - that was like  20 years ago,maybe? All I remembered, I was still a kid back then.

It was a song, played with clips of picture about children get beaten up, scars everywhere, crying and a lot more. I remembered one clip, a weaken child, somehow on a folded mattress trying to reach out.

I saw this ad more than once and as weird as it may seem, there's this feeling that stays with me up till today, on and off. It was like, being stuck in something, trying to get out but can't. Just like the child in a folded mattress. At the same time, feeling breathless.

Come to think of it, I would have felt it after a not-so-good event. Just like today, I feel it again because of a last night story.

I guess,it's a baggage that I've been carrying all this while and it's not easy to get rid off.

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