Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Comfort zone or burn out?

wake up at 5 - ready for work - work, work, work - home - shower, dinner - tv  - sleep

This is my daily routine and honestly speaking, I'm getting exhausted with this train of events.

Been working here in *** for almost 3 years (if I were to count from the first day I came for duty). Working half day on Saturday, on call for every Sunday and public holidays and still, with no salary increment. Plus, the same old work routine almost everyday.

I am exhausted as well with these routines.


I wanted to lose weight or at least get the body shape that I've been dreaming of. I've imagined myself so into this exercise + diet thingy and voila, I finally own that body!

Reality is, I only go exercising like once or twice a week. During the weekend, I eat like a monster. I have the desire but I don't have the motivation. Uggghh

In terms of career development, I really want to try new OT areas and of course, the surroundings.  But being in private sector and I don't want to leave KK, the choices is quite limited. I'm still hoping to get into government sector but I can't be really depending on it, right?

I have a lot of things in my mind, I mean I would like to do and some of it,I did but halfway only . Phew.

Like joining mandarin class for two years but never really try to practise it ; enroll self into sewing class, bought the machine but still doesn't know how to sew with it ; went to piano class, bought a piano but stopped after I passed the grade 1 exam.

Well, it sounded like I'm merely complaining or dissatisfied with my life. Mind you, I'm not being ungrateful with what I have now, but I'm just a human and keeping it all inside, is so not me.

I'm more than blessed with these things now but there were times I thought of taking a break, the need to step out of my comfort zone.

But, I don't have that confidence nor courage to do both.

How la?

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