Sunday, October 9, 2016

Listen carefully


It's normal to share our thoughts, feelings or even anything to someone - family, best friends, partner.

Ask yourself, when we share these things to our loved ones, what do we actually want from them, in return?

Say for example, you were having a bad day at work and it makes you feel so frustrated. You came home that night and told your partner about it. How do you expect your partner responds to it?

Do you want them to say, "Relax-lah. Everything will soon pass"   or  " See, I told you. You shouldn't have ...... " or maybe just sit there, listening, waiting for you to express everything out.

Which one would it be ?

I bet most of the answer would be, depending on the situation. Right?  Well, yes. It all depends on the situations.

For me, I would really hope that those I shared my story with, will responds me positively. Perhaps, a pat on my back or at least, just sit there and listen to me. But recently,  whenever I tried to share my stories, I somehow got negative responds. And honestly, it hurts.

So now, I try to keep everything to myself. Not because I'm being selfish or what not, but I'm trying to avoid the not-so-good response. It's more like a heart protection, I guess?

I called it sleeping-heart.

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