Saturday, September 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Self!

Officially 27 today. Happy Birthday dear self!

Days before today, I had a lot in my mind, something to share here in my inside story. Now that the day has come, it all gone missing.

I was planning to share what happen last year on this exact same  day but unfortunately, I couldn't come out with the best words to express it.

In short, sometimes, the best gifts that you can give someone is your presence. 

Thank you dear Lord, for all this wonderful blessings in my life. Forgive me, that at times, I tend to be ungrateful.

Being 27 today, I felt the difference. Previous years, I am always looking forward to this date. But this year, it's just a typical day for me. I no longer want a great birthday gift but to be able to eat a slice of cake would be more than enough. Haha! Well, to be accurate, I no longer focus on the material kind of gift but more like your attention and time for me.

Still, I'm grateful for today. Amen. :)

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