Sunday, June 12, 2016

20 cent #2

"The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart"

1 Samuel 16:7

One of my weekly commitment is to be part of the teaching team for the church  Sunday class; also known as PMG - Pertemuan Minggu Gembira.  I am teaching the Form 1 class, newly teenager. So, I guess, I really have to be careful with  the words  that I use or else I could be misleading them.Right?

So, today's lesson is about judging others through their outward appearance. Obviously, the objective of this lesson is to teach these youngsters not to judge others but to look at their hearts.

Surely, as a so-called-teacher, I stressed on the must  of not judging others, not to look  at the outwards experience and so on. But, deep down inside, it felt so wrong for me to say or explain these things to them. Why? Because I myself always end up judging others too.

When I was around their age, I have this one friend in my class. She is smart, hardworking and would always rank among the top 20 students (Well, back in my school last time, we don't really use the class ranking, instead we use the whole tingkatan. So, if you are among the top 20, you're considered among the best.Phew!)

When I think back again, she is actually a very nice person, would always help you with the homework and stuff. But, I really don't know what was wrong with us on that time (me and my friends), we would always tease her or talk bad things about her behind her back. 

We have this prep time at school, to study or to get your homework done. Well, for me, I rarely able to fully concentrate on studying for those 2 hours. Mostly, I would end up sleeping. This friend that I mentioned earlier, would make full use of those prep time with academic thing.

So, one day, out of the ordinary, she fell asleep. The whole class was kinda amazed actually. Another friend, who sat next to her, wake her up and ask her, " Ko tidur ka?" and she hurriedly replied, "Tidaklah, saya sedang bepikir ba tu". Haha. It was very obvious that she fell asleep but she denied it. That, added a point to our topic about her.

Long story short, on our final days before the school ends, I remembered she say something like this, "Saya tahu ada orang yang suka cakap-cakap pasal saya, tapi tidak apa. Saya kasi maaf juga". Well, more or less like that. That is deep. So, all this while,  I mean on that time, she knew who has been talking behind her back but still she treated them nicely, including me.

I learnt my lessons. We went our separate ways but we still friends on Facebook, and yeah, she invited me to her wedding few years ago.

Lord has never choose us based on our looks. No matter how short or fat you are, or you are having a bad hair day or maybe a mid life crisis stage, but if your heart stay faithful unto the Lord, He would still see that.

Help me Lord, to not judge others but to treat them with Your love unconditionally. Amen.

Well, becoming a PMG teacher is not a bad thing at all. It actually teaches me to be closer to God.
Praise the Lord, Halleluya!

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