Monday, February 22, 2016

Me and my haircut

Like,seriously? I wonder.

Hair is considered as one of woman's most treasured part in her image. Some women prefer to keep it long and some, simply short.

For some, when they have kept the long hair for quite sometime, to have it intervene, a woman would end up a month of thinking. 

Been there,done that. When I was in uni, I prefer to keep my hair long. Looks so sweet and girlish. Haha. I seldom go for hair saloon when I was there as I bet it will be expensive. Plus, I was afraid that I will not like the new hairstyle.

So, when I finished my study, I felt like the time has come for me to cut my hair short; marking the beginning of being a jobless person. Hehe. Well, I'm about to change my life,right? A transition from a student into a career women.

Since then, I've kept my hair short until 2014.  My brother is going to get married the following year, so I figured long hair would be super duper nice with a peach colored dress.Hahaha

Now, I'm back to simply short. I got another haircut right after my retreat. Am I about to change my life? I bet.For a better me and stronger Faith.


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