Sunday, December 20, 2015

Age VS Maturity

'When you age, you will become more mature'

'Maturity is not related to your age'

Which one of those is true ? 
Answering this questions is like deciding which comes first, the egg or the hen.

For me, it can be either both. I see myself  these two traits in the people around me.

'When you age, you will become mature' - True enough. As you age, you had already experience life issues that makes you wiser today. When the youngsters can only see  a one way out from the box, you may see more than that. It's not just the way out, but what's next when you're outside. That's why, we tend to look for someone older than us for opinion or solution.

'Maturity is not related to your age' - Indeed. No need to look further but this actually suits me best. I'm 26 and honestly speaking, my attitudes at times is worse than a preschooler. I'm aware of it but when my childishness thinking is really into me, I could no longer behave as a 26 years old self. Regret will only creep in once I was settle down and I'm stable enough to think that I've been acting like I'm not supposed to.But what to do, what done is done, You could only do a throwback and promise yourself that this will not happen again. 

I'm sharing  this today, because I've experienced myself how does it feel when childishness has been possessing someone. It is really annoying up to the point that it makes me so frustrated and less interested. I know, I've been acting like one few times, but when it comes to food/ eating or anything related matter, this is serious. Especially, when you're really hungry. This was not the first food issue that I encountered. What makes it much, much more frustrating - because I experienced it with the same person.

One thing that I'm obviously clear now is - Maturity doesn't come with  age. 

*Sorry, but I just feel like blogging to express my inside story. I didn't mean to offend anyone.

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