Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Marriage Mystery

Last Sunday's readings during the mass were indeed meaningful - especially to myself, as I am now still in the middle of recognizing my life calling.

All the readings were about marriage and family; and being in a quite controversial age  for this marriage-and-family thingy, this was something to ponder and think deeper.

In life, obviously  in our own community, people  tend to look and measure your life achievements through marriage. You finish your study, get a steady job, meet up with someone and get married to that someone. That's how you should live your life - or so, according to the norms.

But, little did they know that getting married is not that easy as ABC. It's not like your future husband is in front of you, or money flowing from the sky that you can just throw a big wedding reception party or perhaps you are mentally ready enough to change your status from Single to Married.

Sounds complicated, huh? Indeed. But, I would rather say marriage is a mystery and such a wonderful gift from God.


I come to believe that not  everyone was destined to live a marriage and family life; or maybe meeting and getting married to that someone not in the normal timing (as in around your 20's).

For me, since I was still a school girl, I'm 100% being positive that someday when I grow up, I would achieve that getting married + family life milestone.

But, these days, I come to understand how God's intervene in our daily life. It's all about the perfect and right timing. We may pray hard for a life partner today, or perhaps a family life but do we really get it on time? Sometimes we do, sometimes we not.

But, in the end, all that matters is, to keep our faith to God because His plans for us are even more amazing than what we have for ourselves.

So, be still. Our prayers for a marriage and family  life may not be answered today but bear in mind, good things come to those who wait patiently.

Who knows, my soulmate is just next door but it's just that I'm blinded to see that it was him after all? Hahaha. #fingerscrossed.

So then, what God has united,human beings must not divide.

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