Sunday, December 14, 2014

Back to December

Gosh! Final month of the year 2014. Hectic schedule these days made me rarely  share my inside story.  :(

I have a lot to spill out actually. As weird yet funny as it can be,  inspirations to write came in the moments of my hectic-so-called-schedule.

I wanted to share about my experience during  maid of honor's dress fitting; life as a new setting OT, life lessons, stuffed emotions and so much more.

We've entered the third week of Advent. Christmas is so around the corner. How's your preparation?

Me? Well, physically, emotionally and above all religiously - I'm not prepared yet. Phew. It's just that, I'm feeling calmer, blessed more than ever after going for a confession. Thank God.

New Year is a few weeks away and honestly speaking, I'm not quite sure what I really want  in life. I'm 25 and I should be well aware of all that by now but I'm not. Should that be something that I need to worry about? Or let it be. ?

Anyway, I'm thankful and blessed Lord. You know what's best for me. Amen.


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