Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap

Despite the hectic schedule of mine, I still wanted to write in my inside story on this very last day of 2014. A quick recap I guess - of what has been happening in my 2014 book. :)

Where to start? Well, let's start with me then.

Self - Well, my 2014 resolutions was to be a better person than I have been before. One thing that I notice in me, is I've tried practicing and applying the think-before-you-talk act and less judgmental towards others. Good, right? Aside from that, I tried to help others as much as I can. The bad side of me is, at times I tend to exaggerate stories so that others would interested to listen to me.  Phew.

Family - New addition to the family members. Say hello to my future sister in law, Marrion. Hehe. It's the year of family gathering I guess. One of my unexpected achievements is to be able to gather and organize  Ekon's Family gathering. Thank God. Everyone was very supportive.

Geng Sumandak - 2 Sumandaks changed their status this year. Hehe! Congratulations Rai, the newly married couples and Lie, just engaged. (When will be my turn ar? Haha!)  For the first time after 8 years, all of us, 10 to be exact were able to gather again for Rai's wedding. Great, isn't it?

Lovelife - My Incikk Dearr. As for this year, we are celebrating our 1st year anniversary being in a relationship. We've been through the ups and downs together and hopefully our love gets stronger with each coming year. Aiseeeeh! Hehe.

OT - I resigned from my first job and now I'm an OT in a hospital setting. Thank God. I do missed being the school OT but I believe it's for the best. Quite a good year for  me I guess in OT career. I've been to few job interviews in which I failed in most of it. I only succeed in the job that I'm in now. Haha. And another interview coming actually, next week! You're the best Lord. Amen.

Social life - Being 25, I'm more open to social event invitations. Haha! If previously, I'm not that eager or interested to go and attend wedding celebrations but this year, I've fulfill most of it. I mean I went to 1/3 of the wedding invitations. I'm beginning to enjoy attending social events and at the same time exposing self beauty to others. Hahahahaha! *screw that*

I met and get to know many new friends aka new colleague. Pertambahan dalam bilangan kenalan . Hehe.

Faith A challenged faith. Total temptations and very difficult to resist. Phew. I deliver everything into your hands God, I'm just your weak servant. May I be strengthen in faith by this coming year. Amen.

Country issues - MH370 ; MH 17; QZ8501 ; Floods in East Coast Malaysia
Dear Lord, I humbly pray and seek for your mercy that bless this people involved in this situation. Everyone of them. Give them strength, faith and courage  Amen.

Farewell 2014, for you have given me wonderful memories. Thank you. May next year, 2015 would be a fruitful year for everyone of us. Amen,


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