Friday, February 14, 2014

Today's lesson #1

Thank you, 14th February - for you've inspired me to post something today. Once again, thank you. :)

Celebrating today with a new status . Haha. Not really celebrating, and not even a new status .

Scrolling down FB today and of course, everyone is talking about today. Special day, huh? Hmm.

Most of the status mentioned about  :

"... Valentine day is also for family and friends, not only for lovers.." - Exactly.

".. I love you.. Happy anniversary and etc.." - Woww, so sweet.

So,  I was like - where's mine ? Haha. *slap-face sikijap and remind diri, be grateful with everything *

I was actually feeling touched with someone's fb status. It's not actually touched, but I was kinda blur on how to describe the feeling, I mean my feeling. It's not usual for sure.

Well, back to my main point. I was going to share something that I've learned today. A lesson actually.

I was having lunch break with my colleagues and one of them shared a good news. Truly a good news and I felt so happy hearing it. Sharing happiness with others, double them. Exactly.

Then, it was learned that the other colleague help to pray for that good news .

So, today's lesson  - Pray for others, especially those who are in need. For once, I started to feel like I'm  a selfish person because all I do is pray for myself.

Thank you for today's lesson God. It really does reminded me of how weak I am and that I should have never lose my faith in You.


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