Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Being OT #5

Hello, February 2014! :)

Another year being an OT. Thank God.

Starting off this year's Messy Play & Classroom session with a "Mr. Blue Snowman".

Hello there! I'm the blue snowman! Weehuu!
I was planning to try on something that I rarely tried last year. So, snowman it is! Hehe.

Mr. Blue Snowman was actually made up of dough. I rarely tried this last year ( only once actually), because I'm not that confident enough if I could make a dough - on my own. Haha!

So this year, I made it; on my very first trial. *clap hands*

It's blue, because I put a blue food coloring on it. Looks interesting right? Hehe.

Till then, take care! ;)