Tuesday, September 24, 2013

24 on the 24th! :)

Naaaah! Google pun kasi wish saya befday. Haha. Fames pula ini tau. Haha

As always, thank you Lord! - Another year in this world. Amen. I'm indeed grateful to every blessings showered upon me. 

Well, it's kinda special this year - as I turn 24 on the 24th of September. Hehe! But, deep down inside , I still feel like 19 - weeehuu! forever young ba kan? Haha

Thank you, thank you everyone! For your wonderful birthday wishes. I may not be able to thank you all personally but my prayers are for you - May the Good Lord bless you. :)

Being 24, really makes a difference.

Previous birthday, I have always wanted a gift on this special day. But, being 24, makes me feel that I no longer need that. All that matters is the people around you and the moments that you've shared together. Those simple birthday wishes from my loved ones and friends through SMS, facebook or face to face; the kids who sang birthday song earlier this afternoon - that actually meant a lot to me and as weird as I'm saying this now, they actually do touches my heart. :)

Make a wish and blow out your candle! * They said*

My last year's wish did come true. Thank you, Lord. It may not be permanent or stable, but thank you Lord. I love it. 

Plus, there's more to that. I did have another wish come true. Thanks, you. You know who you are. :)

As for this year, all I'm wishing for, is a better me. Well, that includes a lot of aspects-lah.! Hehe.

Anyway, thank you, thank you once again guys! Have a nice day! :)

Craving for this tadi.. and thanks mummy! Haha. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Being OT#4

Yup3. Life has been great - being OT. Hehe.

So, today's post is about another activities that I've done with the kids at school. ( Aww! enjoying my job to the fullest- penat bepikir la tapi. hehe)

Well, it's been a while since my messy play sessions involves the use of feet and of course quite a messy one. Haha! So, I'm not really sure where exactly did I get this idea, but anyway, thanks to Uncle Google - for letting me google-ing the things that I need help in. Hoho.

yellowish much?? Hehe
Well, if you still remember the other one. This is almost the same. A mixture of shaving foam and a yellow food coloring. Nice yellow, aite? Beginning to love the color after this activity. :)

The difference is, for this yellowish mixture - I added few types of beans and put on a peppermint flavour; more for the smell actually. These beans and peppermint smell is more for the sensory part.

Bunga raya artwork! They have always been my tikus makmal to try out my ideas. Haha!

For this activity, besides focusing on the messy + sensory part,  I also included the left and right concept. Well, I started with the right side first. All the hands and feet used are on the right side.

Firstly, they need to underline their right hand on the paper. Just to get the figure of the hand ( mo buat acuan la kunun.) Then, they dip their hand onto the yellowish mixture and stamp them on the hand-figures that they had already made. Voila!  Begitulah kejadian dia! Haha.

The other addition to this activity is the finger painting part. Writing their name using their finger. Amazing, isn't it? Hehe.

Next, was during my Classroom session with Egret. First time trying out the Wikki Stix. Ever heard of that?
Well, this is how it looks like. macam buli di makan seja kan? Hehe
Thanks to Nita for introducing us this new activity set. I'm still new to this set and still learning. So, my first trial with Egret - still with the same learning activity, that is left and right concept.

their artwork! Hehe
The concept is more or less like what I did during the messy play session. They need to underline their fingers just to get the figure. Starting with the right hand first. Then, using the wikki stix ( since it is sticky and easily-mould-to-follow-pattern/shape) , ask the kids to follow the fingers line to  make a hand figure.

Simple, easy and the best part is - cleaan! hehe. It looks kinda easy for us, but during the session, I noticed that some of the kids have difficulty following the line especially the curvy one. So, you see the wonders of this activity? Haha. Wonders la sangat. 

Anyway, I am still brain-storming on what other activities that I can do with the kids at school. Any more ideas you have in your mind? Drop by then.

Take care! :)

Monday, September 2, 2013


Favourite month of the year - September! Hehe. 

Well, to start off my September with - I have a training course; 1 week. Praying that I learnt a lot during this time and make use of the experience to the most. Hehe.

As always, I'm hoping that September would be nice to me.  :)

Thank you Lord. I may have my missed-opportunities moments but I know you have something more for me. It may not happen the way I expect it, but You are faithful Lord and it will happen according to Your timing. Amen.