Tuesday, January 25, 2011

another episode of life continues..

as usual.. I didnt get to scribble my blog with my stories as the internet connection is soooooo damn slow.. huhu!.(in fact..laju lg sy berjalan..)

this is the one!haha~
where to start?? hmm.. o ya.. 1st of all.. I finished my toy assignment.. oh.. so glad!!!.. after almost half of my neuron died of a serious thinking.. finally  I managed to finished.. thanks a lot to all of you guys.. you all have been very inspiring and supportive.. hehe..

 *I did think of doing this at first but I cancel them.. (so lazy to sew this n that) but then .. special thanks to rai.. you gave this idea and more like re convince me to do this.. haha~!*

My dad was around KL recently.. ahah! just in time for the SOGO SALE!!!.. haha...of course we did go there and I did bought two pairs.. a pair for clinical posting and the other one just for fun..hehe.. thanx daddy!!~ ^^.. then, today, 24/1/2011..he was on his way back.. and he was calling me at noon.. telling me that he wanted to go to SOGO again.. to shop for my little brother.. (arghhh!.. my day is full with classess today... why on earth he didnt call me yesterday.. huh!.. this tiny little thing did ruin my mood a bit.. I guess I was a bit upset of not being able to meet him before he flys back to Sabah).. never mind then.. the bad news is... my homesick feeling is now ACTIVATED.. =(.. so pity me.. I went online and surveyed the ticket price..hmm.. paspuhun la.. for sure I won't be able to go back home.. unless ada org baik hati la mo derma.. haha!

thaipusam hols.. spent the whole day at Shah Alam.. during the day, we went to Bukit Cerakah and at night to I City.. this is one of the most exhausting day I've ever had for this year.. spent most of the days walking by foot without lunch.. wah!.. (for sure I'm getting thinner if I do this everyday!haha~)

talking about pictures!!!.. people says.. pictures is a way of holding onto memories.. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!... but then, there are certain pictures should and need to be deleted as they are the memories that we don't want to hold on to..

I was looking at my very first and old pen drive.. (dr matrix lg tu.. ) then.. I suddenly felt like wanted to see what's inside.. Oh!.. it's full with pictures from matrix time.. family and friends.. I'm so glad actually because these are the pictures in my laptop that I accidentally deleted..never thought I got back up.. =)),.. but then.. got this one folder.. full of pictures of him and me.. (after all the other pictures of us in my laptop and back at home I deleted and burnt them down..).. I decided to have a look..hm.. strange feeling is that.. I cant bear to look at these pictures.. how to say ar.. hmm..long story short.. I deleted these 1 folder.. *hbs cerita~*

"..Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you.."

I'm currently listening  to Taylor Swift's new album.. nice!.. and this one song caught me with the lines as I mentioned above.. *deep inside, still got a tiny little hope on you.. =) *


  1. So happy for you! Getting your assignment done, meeting your dad, shopping with your dad, went out, you were having so much fun. I walked here everyday, but I can't seem to losing any of these fats on my tummy. Ha ha. Oh well! Take care there Winn, I think I understand you. Having that tiny winy longing while looking at all those photos, that must be hard. Be strong :)

  2. heee.. thanx! ya..aiya.. same with me..hv been walking here and there and at last..still with the same size.. yup! take care too!

  3. awww.. no problem winn! anythin for my sisters :) btw, be strong and having those strange feelings doesn't make u weak any less or what. it's really normal. don't feel bad for how u feel(in case u're feeling that way). take care :)

  4. thanx!.. ya.. it's just a rare feelings.. ignored already.. hehe.. yah.. take care too!^^