Friday, November 3, 2017

Anty Sigu.

When I was a kid..
"Anty, buli ka tulis nama pakai huruf kecil?"
..... "Amu buli. Ngaran nopo nga mesti pakai huruf besar."

After mass brunch conversation..
"Nak, moi yato akan hilo Luyang la. Ih haro steambot b*bi."
......" Ba,buli bo. Hujung bulan la Anty. Gaji po. Hehe."

Last Monday as I dropped her to school..
"Nak, haro RM 100 nu ka? Poloso oku po da. Amu ku nakasampat minoi atm konihab. Saya mau  belanja tu budak sekolah."
......."Haro bo. Dapo kio."

And I never thought that Monday was my last conversation with you.

You have always been a good listener and very supportive in what ever things that I've shared with you. All these years, you have been fighting with your sickness, never even once showing us how weak you've felt inside.

I am still in shock. I'm writing these in tears. God loves you more and you are now in good hands.

Rest in peace Anty Sigu. I love you . You'll forever be missed.

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