Saturday, August 19, 2017

It feels now

I was scrolling my tumblr through web just now (because the app is not working anymore. Sad!) and I saw what I posted years ago.

So me right now. Hehe.
This is exactly what I feel right now.

I am in need of a vacation. I just want to travel away from my typical routine even for a short while. Yogyakarta is the place that I have in mind for now. I just love the nature view there. But when to travel? I'm not sure .

Get paid for doing something I love has been my goal for the past 2 years but to no success yet. I love doing DIY and craft; hence I plan to turn my hobby into bussiness. I did make an effort, though!

I'm thankful to have circles of people that always support me. This is, I guess being around genuine people. I don't have many but I guess, it's the quality that counts.

Finding ways to love the same man over and over again may not be easy but I'll take that challenge.

#fingercrossed. Amen.

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