Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April Issues

Never ending issues. Phew.

Sometimes, I wonder, is it normal to have issues at this stage of life?

Oh. I guess this is all part of being a grown up woman.

Negative surroundings. Just like I've mentioned in my previous post (part of New Year's resolution I guess), to try to talk less about people. In other words, less gossip. But recently, to fail attempt. I can't help but to spill out those unhealthy, negative words. It flows like water. Just like that. Then, here come the regret part after the spilling. Huhu

Relationships. Be it with family, friends or boyfie. It seems that, April brings out the unwanted issues. I admit it, sometimes, I over react and over think about it. And, it ruined my mood.

Self. A lot for this one. I have issues of moving out to a new house. It doesn't feel right. Weird. Hormone I guess.

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