Sunday, August 14, 2011

stopping by!

hSunny Sunday! Hooott! oh before that, I hope that you guys have a blessed and pleasant weekend with your loved ones. :)

Unexpected and shocking thing happen recently.

*Dearest Uncle, I prayed to God that may your soul rest in peace. May the family that you left behind, especially my aunt and cousins , be given the strength to live their life. Amen *

I was so damn sick recently, especially after the funeral. A very bad flu + cough. I'm so sleepy but I  couldn't sleep as it is so hard for me to breath. I ain't sure if I have an asthma, but so far, I think  ,I don't. 

Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga, dihempap pasu lagi. hoho! Still in a very bad condition, I mean the flu, I got stung by a bee la pla. Oh. Perfect!
Praise the Lord, I'm feeling much better now except for the cough - sikit la. :)
My thesis title changed again. *sigh*. I've been reading a lot for the previous title and then.. Never mind, my supervisor told me that this new title is much simpler. I hope so, thank you Dr.! :)
Time flies so fast. It's the month of August already. and now it's the fasting month. Happy Fasting to all the Muslim's. ( I bet , it's not too late right? hehe)..

Ms. Tiara,! You're 21! hoho. anyway, I'm wishing you all the best in life and may all your wishes come true. love ya! :))

Okeh! enough for the stop by! I was planning on going to watch a movie today. hopefully jadi la. :)