Sunday, March 27, 2011

kanak-kanak ribena!

enough dealing with the adults for 3 weeks... now, this 2 weeks are for the kids!!. so bear with me.. (but please, jangan jadi beruang la..haha~).. dalam kisah bersama kanak-kanak ribena  ini...

aaaa.. what to begin.. ok! first day.. this is the first time dealing with kids aka pediatrics.. so for sure still so blur la.. then, as usual la.. go meet the therapist in charge, briefing.. n etc .. shocking news on the first day : CASE STUDY PRESENTATION THIS FRIDAY.  .

omg! what???? astaga!! meaning to say.. we need to have a case study in these 2 days.. fuhhh! habes..

ok.. deep breathing2.. ! first pediatric pt of the day I had.. which I directly take this as my case study..  (Thank God)  new case, a student, 11 years old.. diagnosis.. epilepsy + slow learner.. since it was my first day and as I've mentioned earlier.. mc blur and lowong2 lg.. dunno what to do with this pt.. but.. truly grateful on that time.. nsb ada senior2 yg sudi membantu... (Thanks once again!)

ultraman guna tangan kiri!  heee.. for sure you guys haven't think of that kn.. got this one pt.. aim is to promote the use of the left affected hand.. and since he is soo into the ultraman.. so we need to like , say this phrase a few times so that he'll use his left hand.. and it work! gooooood.

Then, there was this event called "Child Sexual Abuse".. this talk is to promote awareness among the public  that children themselves have their own rights too and they need to be protected. Not only talks but shows and performance from the kids..

It's a formal event but can't help it that, I'm able to witness some, a few I guess funny moments with these kids.. (most of the kids are pt from OT)..

ok. before that. these kids will be performing few songs on the stage.. just a very spontaneous one.. so, afraid that it might turn out to be " not - so - good", one of the therapist suggest me to join the children on stage.. "Irene, you ikut budak2 ni atas stage ye.. you kecil sja.. nmpak mcm budak2 jg"...  ( haha - speechless on that very moment )

kids performing on stage.. so comel!
but then, on the exact day.. sy tidak pn nek atas stage bersama budak2 comel ini.. ( heee ~~)  duduk plg depan ja bersama therapist2 len ... bt action song bersama mereka.. (action song : bapa ku pulang..haha!)

after the performance, it was the time for some fun games and activity for the kids while their parents are listening to the talks given.. activities are.. kotak beracun.. and coloring + drawing. 
( only managed to do these two only due to time constraints)

<---- one of the kids. nama dia yusof.. sy sgt suka tgk dia.. sbb dia sgt          comel... =).. 
*  kwn2 yg laen ade suru die bt tangan usop mak limah..die bt jg!. haha.. but then, i didnt manage to see that one.. *

then, friday comes.! semua pn nebes tahap dewa la.. sbb... case yg mo d present blum siap.. habes la.. *dlm hati - hope dorg senior ni lmbt stat present, spy kmi x smpat*.. jahat py pikiran. hesh2~~

skali tu.. actually sempat sorg lg mo present.. ya.. d most unfortunate one is me.. I mean, one of therapist suggested my name to present... ahahaha.. but I guess.. I'm ssssssoooooo lucky... right on that very moment, sy ada di wad.. jadi.. xda la present.hahaha.. (sempat la beguling2 time wikend kc siap...!)

the next following week.. everything's going fine... getting used ody with the peads environment kn... enjoy juga la bt peads ni.. hehehehe... buli la melihat pelbagai ragam kanak2 ribena... 

among them.. got this one pt.. so hyperactive one.. sepanjang treatment session, there's never a minute dia duduk diam.. all the time, dia menyanyi , menari .. lari sna n cni... sy yg penat tingu dia cm tu.. funny thing is... give her a tune.. I mean, satu baris lagu la.. cnfrm dia smbung nyanyi pas tu.. lagu dangdut plus dance pn dia bt.. kmi mmg sgt terhibur melihat gelagat dia ni..  she's hypersensitive also.. mo la knu bt sandwic sma dia ni.. tp susa btl even mo bt dia baring atas mat yg ada bulu2 tebal tu.. skali tu, her mom tangkap dia, letak atas mat.. habes! dia telah pn menjadi sandwic... tp dia sgt kuat.. meronta2 lg tu.. mo patah pinggang jg la menahan dia..  hesh2.. sandwic dia x bila kn peluk.. dia ok pla.. hmm.. a bit weird la jg..

long story short.! presentation day. ( dis time, mmg siap sda la.. x tau brp kali sda edit..) Thank God, everything going on well and fine.. 

after 5 wiks of struggling, I need to pamper and refresh myself with some makan-makan.haha~

* Dear Lord, thank you for everything... grateful that I'm able to finish my clinical posting despite of the challenges I face during the early weeks.. amen*


  1. bz bz bz....jgn x cukup tidur + makan winn :)

  2. mmg bz zall.. oh.. no worries.. tidur + makan are among my prioriti jg.. hee.. =)