Sunday, November 29, 2015

Chapter 11 - Homesick

Homesick. The usual term being used if you are away from home.

Being away from home, on and off for almost 9 years, I am more than used with this homesick term. At times, it feels like nothing, but when this homesick really get into me, damn, no words can best describe it.

Logically, people would say that, those 9 years of being on and off away from home should've taught me of not having this homesick thingy. But, honestly, for me, it's the opposite. Sounded funny, right?

Back when I was in boarding school, the things that I missed the most at home is the house environment. The family comes second. Haha. You see, staying in a hostel means everything is on a sharing basis. Rooms, toilets, and yeah, very limited privacy. Well, of course at home is also a sharing basis but the environment is far more different.

When I was in uni, the house environment comes second and family became the first one. My first months in uni was not that good. I had my terrible down moment during that time. So, I was really missing my family back home up to the point that I was willing to let go my study just like that.

But, thank God. I survived.

Now, I'm close to home. But, still homesick. I'm always looking forward to weekend where I can go back and see my loved ones. I know, I sounded like a manja-daughter,  but for me , it's because I come to realize that their presence in my inside story is what I am today. It may sounded like a-very-late-awareness-level-of-me but still not too late, I guess.

I'm hoping for more weekend to enjoy and do nothing!


Friday, November 6, 2015


With nowadays advance tech, almost everything is easily accessible through the tip of your finger. And indeed, surely each of us now at least own a FB account, or perhaps more than that - Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr.

Easily accessible - as in you can get the latest updates of the world today, connect with your family and friends or perhaps, stalk someone. Hehe.

While getting new updates for the latest story, you yourself can updates what's going on with you, like " I had a bad day today", " Hanging out with besties" or " I miss my boyfriend" -  kind of status.

Being actively online, it's our own choice and of course, our rights as a user to post anything in our account. Other than answering to FB's  "What are you up to?", we also shared pictures or videos.

Same goes for me. I shared with my FB's clan what my latest updates, pictures of loved ones, funny videos or maybe some useful links.

But, personally for me, there is limit of what and how much you post online. Not every single things need to be shared with the world. I'm not being secretive or selfish, but I believe certain personal life issues need to be kept private. Just because you're being friend on FB,that doesn't mean you can trust them with all your issues by telling them on FB.

I admit, I may be judgemental at times when I scroll down my newsfeed but when it comes to post about family issues, marriage relationship - I seriously against it. Why would you post something so personally private online and let the whole world know how trouble your relationship are ? All in all, you end up making your stories the hot stuff for others and somehow indirectly humiliate your loved ones.

But, that is just my own piece of mind. Please don't get offended. Just like I've mentioned previously, you have the rights to post anything in your page.

Friendly reminder - Just please, please be careful of what you post or shared online. Think wisely and deeply the pros and cons before doing so. Yes, those post can be deleted but it can't be undo. People may have read it, screen shot, repost or worse, manipulate it.

So,the choice is yours, at the tip of your finger.