Sunday, March 30, 2014

emotionally unstable

March - almost to its end. Saying hello to April  soon enough.

Frankly speaking, I am emotionally unstable. Now. For no reason. I mean the main reason behind all the unstable emotion. Phew*

I admit, I've got a lot of things running on my mind - some are even irrational and illogical. *sigh*

Monday, March 24, 2014

Art Attack!

Ever heard of Brain Gym ? Well, for me, I've heard of it during my student years but not much information on it.

Now that I'm in a working world, I have always wanted to learn and experience new things - as in to gain more knowledge about OT, especially dealing with kids.

Aha! Grab the opportunities while you still can. Well, million thanks to the centre that I worked with and someone or maybe somebody who willingly sponsored us to join this two day course. Thank you! :)

Day 1 -Brain Gym

Well, this one day course is actually just the very basic and exposure of what brain gym is. So, we were only taught of 26 basic steps.  This course last for the whole day. Usually, I won't be able to stand that very long period of time. But, I did and I survived. It was fun then as I didn't even noticed the clock is ticking.

Sneek peek to the 2nd day course - Friendship Doodle! :)

Da2 -Double Doodle Play

Double Doodle Play as the name given - double the happiness and  joy in this second day course. I was never that interested nor motivated in art before but thanks to this course, I started to fall in love with art, colourful art. It is something that makes me feel so inspirational, motivated and energetic to do all the activities. Double Doodle - using both of your hands to draw and paint. Voila, see for yourself !

This is a friendship doodle that I got from Nat - thanks! :)

One of the drawings that I made using all the 5 key hands movement! Cantik kan ? Hehe

Well, I'm feeling so grateful that I'm able to join this course. My advise for you, do join this course this too and you won't regret it. Hehe. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Have faith

Too many incidents happened recently . The hottest issue right now - Missing of MH370 plane.

I, myself is also having my own personal issue. Come to think of it, this is maybe one of the challenges that I need to go through during this Lent Season.

Indeed, God always has something for me and of course, for us all. Never give up on God, as he never did on us.

#Pray for MH370 - may the mystery be solved.