Saturday, December 31, 2011


tutup buka mata , we have come to the end of 2011 ( few hours from now la!)

First of all, thank you dear Lord. I'm very grateful that up to this second, I'm still breathing.

When I look back this one whole year, a lot of things happened.

These are some of it ..

Early this year, I got to celebrate the 2011 new year with the Abun Sominding's clan. First time and it was great!

I lost my loved ones unexpectedly - grandpa and uncle.

Broken-hearted for about 1 week plus2 .

Worrying over something that isn't really worth the time - when I think back la. because in the end, I got frustrated juga.

Make and meet new friends - clinical placement, industrial training and church members.

Awesome birthday and christmas - surprise, gifts and compliments!

Went to a school reunion held at Manukan Island without getting sunburn - I'm a first timer to pulau and it's great!

Health problems related to the skins - over!

Receiving a lot of gifts this year - and all of them are my favourites!

Home-attachment was greatly felt after 4 months of holidays sampai I felt I don't want to go back KL - I could've just stayed home and do the laundry! hoho!

Dilemma- either in need of a hair cut or keeping the hair long. hmm.

hmm. I don't quite remember the others. All I can say is that, 2011 is an amazing and wonderful year. I've been through a lot, both the happiness and sadness.

Seeing all the other people on FB posting about their new year's resolution aka azam, I myself begin to wonder - what is my azam for this new year.  Honestly saying, I don't know, I'm not sure and I don't have one, maybe?

The question is - perlukah ada azam baru ni?

I did, yes I did like buat azam baru when entering the 2011. What happened?  the azam I made was only effective for the first three months. So, what's the point of making a new one if the old one was unsuccessful?


Hey, don't be discouraged by those random words of mine. That's is just what I felt. If you do have one - go, do it!

I just don't really feel the new year aura - I'm away from home, perhaps? Not sure, hopefully that would be the main reasons.

Previous years, I've always looking forward what to do on the new year's eve. This time, I don't know why but I've been thinking of doing something more religious like rosary prayer. ( doesn't it seem funny hearing something like this from me? hoho. yes. I feel funny myself.) I just want to be grateful for what everything the Lord has given me and  I want to start this new year with a good one. ( What good? saya pn x tau! haha)

Dear 2012, will you be good to me? I prayed that I'd be given the strength and courage to do the very best of my ability as a final year student, be able to graduate in time and working! Amen!Halleluya!

saya curi dr tumblr ni. haha!

Good bye 2011, Hello 2012!
Happy New Year everyone! Have a great one!Oh, almost forgot. Please accept my sincere apology if I ever did hurt you guys, whether I'm aware of it or not, purposely or not, I truly apologize. May God shower you guys with His abundant blessings on this coming new year! Amen.

Take care. Be safe. Au revoir. :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas with them ♥

Ho Ho Ho. Merry - Merry Christmas! Praise the Lord! * still christmas ba kan??hee*

Once again, this year 2011, my christmas - being away from my family in Sabah. :(

But, worry not.. I have my own family here. *Thanks a lot guys - you rock!* :)

It might be slightly different celebrating christmas without real family around , but hey - I still had fun! Ho Ho!

What makes it different celebrating christmas away from family, comparing to last year celebration (sbb last year pn away juga!), for this year..

Firstly, did I mentioned that actually I was like given the opportunity to sing psalms on Christmas Day mass? Ho Ho Ho. I did! It feels great to be able to serve the Lord in this special day.

Secondly, meeting and knowing new people. That's awesome! - then being invited to their open house. haha!

Thirdly, christmas gifts! haha.
christmas gift fr Abner.! and the koala bear is actually fr my supervisor thanx. haha!:)

My christmas day with them was just a simple one but yet, it was meaningful. You may find sight-seeing, lepak-ing  in the shopping mall and bowling maybe boring and lame, but it's with them. So, for me, it's not!

Well, it's not where or how you spend christmas is, it's the people you spend with. :)

pretty sumandaks! hoho

 with Lily! the bear that I thought was a bottle at first. haha~

That's the inside story for my christmas this year! 

New Year is coming soon. New Year's resolution, anyone?? I haven't think of it. Ho Ho.

*current mode: study week - but so relax one!.haha*

Saturday, December 24, 2011

pre- christmas!

First of all, Thank God! Praise the Lord! Amen!

I've finished the hardest part for this sem! ( I would called them hardest part though!)

This week - 2 VIVA clinical exam in a row., neuromedical + geri.. Although I'm not really satisfied with my geri VIVA performance and I didn't get to see the smart- looking Dr, I'm grateful because I've tried my best.

and thesis chap 1- 3, submitted! so, finally, a little bit of oxygen for me to breathe. hoho!

Still remember what I want for my christmas gift this year? haha!

a dream came true! surprise christmas gift from roomies!:)

actually, it comes with another gift :
a red stocking, a basket and a card!:)

I was deeply touched by these gifts and I did cried.( mo cakap sy manja la tu kn? x kesah! hoho). I had never expected to receive a christmas gift this year.  I was going to buy the bola2 on my own actually. haha! never thought that I would really get them as my christmas gift. Thanks a lot roomies - Lin & Aziella. Love u guys! :)

So, today, after all the hardships, (kunun la!).. Lily and I thought of going for christmas shopping. Gosh! this was among the not-so-good experience while shopping. teda hasil pn! We've been to every shops but none of them attracts us. how pity :(

This though- trigger  me missing home badly. huhu! * just a little bit more, Winnie*

Dear Lord, I pray for your blessings on this special day of Christmas.My loved ones - family members and friends, far or near , may they receive your abundant blessings. I pray to you Lord that they may be given the best health and in what everything they do. Amen.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas gift

I want something like this for my christmas this year. Anyone??

hoho. :)

Fa la la la la la la la !~

be merry! christmas season is around the corner!  :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

.reminiscing you.

hmm, so true kan? because, sometimes I still feel this. . heish3.!

take care dear first love! I wish you many - many happiness and wonders in your life.! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


worrying is using your imagination to create thing you don't want - anonymous

yes, indeed. worrying is just an imagination. but currently, that is how I feel. I am worrying over my thesis and VIVA clinical exam.

I am worried that I wouldn't be able to meet the deadline for submitting the thesis chapters and I am worried that I wouldn't be able to prepare myself for the upcoming VIVA.

hm. :(

But, anyhow I am hoping that everything would turn out fine. Amen.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

11 weeks - o.v.e.r!!


That picture above, is just for your pleasure viewing. But then, is it pleasurable enough?? haha~  well, the inside story goes like this actually :

We were doing a domestic activity for our patient the other week. The menu for that day was scorn. (dunno what a scone is? google is available. ) Not really sure where was the exact wrong part or etc, the scone didn't really taste and look like a scone. See the picture-lah! hoho~ Pity the aunty lah ! ( patient). She didn't even get to taste the scorn. hmm. 

It has been 11 weeks already. Mark the day, weeks and months that my clinical placement for this semester, is OVER. First of all, thank God . Thank you for everything. I am very grateful for all your wonderful blessings and guidance during this time. My family, friends, who have always been very supportive to me through all this posting time and of course all the therapists and staffs of Occupational Therapy Department HKL and all the other ward that I've visited, especially Geriatric Ward NW16 ( perlu ka mention number ward??? mcm la urg tau. hahaha!)

Well, this 11 weeks, I've been through a lot, learnt a lot, met new people and make new friends. This was such an amazing experience for me that I will never forget. Meeting all kinds of people, dealing with different characters, doing things that I've never expected - the feelings is indescribable though! :)

Doing Neurology in the first months, and I found out that neuro cases are not only about stroke or TBI. (  see how naive I am thinking that neuro is only for stroke and TBI ~ haha!)

The second months, doing medical.  During this placement, I am confronted with some  fussy caregiver. But this situation, taught me to be much more patient. Try to always be in their shoes, be empathy. Then, I will know what it's like to be in their situation.

The last three weeks of clinical placement, I'm doing on geriatric area. Frankly saying, I enjoyed watching these folks especially when some of them are really cute. cute - comel! hoho. But seriously, I can't help myself watching every move they make, the facial expressions they have. . I think old folks are adorable. Not like those teddy bear or baby type of adorable, but they're just adorable.

The difference in dealing with old folks people and the others is how you treat them. Sure, all of us know that they might get a bit sensitive some time and  needs more attention but that's them. This three weeks, taught me a lot on old folks people. I also got the chance to bath one of them ! ( this is the unexpected event. hoho!).   At first , I was reluctant, but when I think back, " hey, opportunities don't always come, so why not?". So, imagine la. me , unfortunately with my baju kurung on that day, bathing a patient. haha!

And to make it more interesting, there was a smart looking Dr there! just came for attachment. hohoo! (kenapa la datang time saya final week sda Dr?? xda la chance mo tingu lama2!hahaha!) 

The real fun here was, he is from Sabah. Well, it started like this..

 He was wearing a name tag and a name card. But since the name card is too small, I can't read the name, IC no and post. I only got to see the name. Okay, I see the name.haha!

Then, I saw one form  with his signature and cop la. The cop is written - PAKAR PERUBATAN HOSPITAL QUEEN ELIZABETH. I was like - OMG! ni Dr urang  Sabah ka pla???? 

On one situation, while doing a ward round, we were standing opposite to each other. Then, this time around, I saw his name card. Quite clear. I saw the IC no la. (x ble blah!)  I saw the number 12 on the IC. OK, sah dia urang Sabah juga! hahaha!.

What makes it more funnier, he was also looking at my name card. (p/s : I can see the eye okay! even my friend pun notice). Suddenly, he walks towards me. 

Long story short, he is offering me to be part of his team back in Sabah because he will be opening a Geriatric Dept soon. Wah, Winnifred! hahaha!. But, Dr, I'm still a student. ( I bet , he thought I am doing attachment also)

hmm. ada harapan lagi ka ni jumpa DR good looking ni?? hahah!

Okay, enough with the Dr part. Overall, I'm glad that I finished this posting.  Next - thesis, VIVA and final exam.