Sunday, January 30, 2011

a weekend with my lovely aunty! ^^

God answered my prayer!! Amen.. praise the Lord!.. my aunty was in town just in time when I'm feeling homesick.. so.. I spent the whole weekend with her.. *giggles*

My aunty was actually escorting the one and only representatives from Sabah for the Pertandingan Abilympics Kebangsaan : Lukisan.. this event was held at the Balai Seni Lukis Negara.. 

It was a 2-in-1 experience for me as this is the first time I entered Balai Seni Lukis Negara ( though' only a few steps away from my residential college.. aah, pity me!) and then being able to see, for the  first time also this type of competitions.. (first time also hearing the word "abilympics which originally came from the word "ability).

During this competition, I can see many types of OKU.. and there's this.. ooops! two actually,. one participants with no hands, which he used his leg to paint and draw on that time.. and the other one.. with no hands and legs at all.. and he's using his mouth to paint and draw.. TOTALLY AMAZING!

Since we were having the Community Rehabilitation subject  the previous year., I recognize some of the faces during the event.. such as the MCR president.. (which he did came and gave a talk in our class) and some of the students from PDK Sri Kundang ( which we came and gave a demonstration to the community there).. aha! now I feel much .. much grateful being a OT student..

I'm  not much of an artistic person  as I don't have the talent nor ability to interpret the meanings behind the paintings but it was all awesome!! pheww! I guess, even a normal person take a longer time to create such a piece.. 

one of the participants.. he's ok with me taking picture of him while he's drawing..*see the painting*.. he wins 2nd place.. congrats Mr!

Oh ya! besides drawing competition, a photograph competition was also being held.. both the winners for the 1st and 2nd were from Sabah.. *proud to be Sabahan for a moment~haha!*..  I know this one sounds funny but  when we the Sabahan who came at the competition .. went to see the photos...(of course la the 1st and 2nd one).. the pictures was taken at the Philippines Market..(yg sana pasar pilipin dkt CP tu ba.. astaga~!nda sangka2!hahaha~).. and then .. the 3rd winner for the competition.. a handsome,tall, young man!. ( huh! melted for seconds.. haha!)..
see the pictures!

OKU, is no longer known as Orang Kurang Upaya.. It is know known as Orang Kelainan Upaya.. I like the second one better.. *totally agree*.. these people, though' they don't own as what we, normal people have.. but God is fair that they have other special abilities that even we don't and sometimes just dying to have one..
Then, we should always be grateful and thankful of what we have now.. appreciate the gifts of God.. because there are people out there who may not as lucky as us.. and one day, who knows.. we might lose them..

WINNER..the artist is the one I've mentioned earlier ( drawing using his mouth).. he gets to go to Korea.. representing Msia.!

okay! the real business finished already.. now it's time to go for jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallaaaan-jaaaallaaaaan..haha!..seriously, we traveled most of the time by foot.. *so tired eh!* then, yesterday,.. we were out early in the morning until almost midnight.. wah!.. of course la.. sight seeing with shopping..haha!

ice cream before she heads to the airport. huhu~
then today, my aunty went back.. huhu! feel the homesick come creeping inside me again.. I hate it.. =(.. 
*okay.. distraction pls!!!*

30/1/2011.- it's my eldest brother birthday today.. haha.. I almost forget actually,,thanks mum for reminding me.. (what a pity to have such a forgetful sister like me kn..hee~) but then.. don't worry.. we did buy you a birthday gift ba.. haha.. 
wishing you all the best in your life and may God blessings be with you always.. Amen.. I love you!

* Dear Lord, I pray for my brother. Shower him with your blessings on his special day which he turns 29. Grant him with good health, courage and strength to live his life to the fullest. Amen.*

just something that I took from the Balai Seni Lukis Negara.. -"aiyah.. it's not mine lah!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

another episode of life continues..

as usual.. I didnt get to scribble my blog with my stories as the internet connection is soooooo damn slow.. huhu!.(in fact..laju lg sy berjalan..)

this is the one!haha~
where to start?? hmm.. o ya.. 1st of all.. I finished my toy assignment.. oh.. so glad!!!.. after almost half of my neuron died of a serious thinking.. finally  I managed to finished.. thanks a lot to all of you guys.. you all have been very inspiring and supportive.. hehe..

 *I did think of doing this at first but I cancel them.. (so lazy to sew this n that) but then .. special thanks to rai.. you gave this idea and more like re convince me to do this.. haha~!*

My dad was around KL recently.. ahah! just in time for the SOGO SALE!!!.. haha...of course we did go there and I did bought two pairs.. a pair for clinical posting and the other one just for fun..hehe.. thanx daddy!!~ ^^.. then, today, 24/1/2011..he was on his way back.. and he was calling me at noon.. telling me that he wanted to go to SOGO again.. to shop for my little brother.. (arghhh!.. my day is full with classess today... why on earth he didnt call me yesterday.. huh!.. this tiny little thing did ruin my mood a bit.. I guess I was a bit upset of not being able to meet him before he flys back to Sabah).. never mind then.. the bad news is... my homesick feeling is now ACTIVATED.. =(.. so pity me.. I went online and surveyed the ticket price..hmm.. paspuhun la.. for sure I won't be able to go back home.. unless ada org baik hati la mo derma.. haha!

thaipusam hols.. spent the whole day at Shah Alam.. during the day, we went to Bukit Cerakah and at night to I City.. this is one of the most exhausting day I've ever had for this year.. spent most of the days walking by foot without lunch.. wah!.. (for sure I'm getting thinner if I do this everyday!haha~)

talking about pictures!!!.. people says.. pictures is a way of holding onto memories.. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!... but then, there are certain pictures should and need to be deleted as they are the memories that we don't want to hold on to..

I was looking at my very first and old pen drive.. (dr matrix lg tu.. ) then.. I suddenly felt like wanted to see what's inside.. Oh!.. it's full with pictures from matrix time.. family and friends.. I'm so glad actually because these are the pictures in my laptop that I accidentally deleted..never thought I got back up.. =)),.. but then.. got this one folder.. full of pictures of him and me.. (after all the other pictures of us in my laptop and back at home I deleted and burnt them down..).. I decided to have a strange feeling is that.. I cant bear to look at these pictures.. how to say ar.. hmm..long story short.. I deleted these 1 folder.. *hbs cerita~*

"..Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you.."

I'm currently listening  to Taylor Swift's new album.. nice!.. and this one song caught me with the lines as I mentioned above.. *deep inside, still got a tiny little hope on you.. =) *

Saturday, January 15, 2011

news update!~

aaahhh.. I havent been visiting nor surfing net this time around (jaring wi-fi sucks + tired + lazy ).. more news aka stories need to be tell..

hmm .. where to start ya??? oh. .since last post was about a simple xmas celebration I had here with my lovely friends.. then I start the news update of the new year's coming la!~ haha

I was in Sabah for the new year celebration.. and for this year,.. I celebrate them with my family.. truth be saying.. this was one of the most wonderful moments I had ever have in celebrating new year.. I felt so grateful and happy being able to celebrate this occasion with my loved ones..I had a lot  of fun..
*Dear Lord, I thanked you for the family I have now.. I pray to you especially for my loved ones that they will be given the best health and let your special blessings be with them for what everything they do and wherever they are.. Amen*

and then flite back to KL.. I got to be in the same flite with my old mate.. and honestly, I was hoping this short time of unplanned meeting can be used to catch up with the latest updates of each other.. (besides fb).. ahh... but it wasn't... and yeah, I felt dissapointed a bit.. * ya la.. I'm just an old friend.. which is also the bff of your ex.. but if I recall back to the times during high school.. we were used to be the geng karas in the class..- but that was a veeerrrrryyyyy long time ago .. rite??*hmm..

then.. classes begun n of course.. here comes the "favorite part" of every student .. the doing-assignment part..ahaha.. we were ask to do a toys for the peads assignment.. more like a DIY toys like that.. I can feel that my neurons are almost dying.. (maybe some of them already are!haha~).. just by thinking what toys need to make... but then.. a zilllion thanks to all who had given me their ideas.. you guys helped me a lot... ^^

despite of those heavy assignments given to us.. (which is now 4 in a row.. need to be send at the end of this month).. we still managed to escape from them and do some exciting and fun trip to Sg.Gabai..I.. who was at first reluctant to dive in the waterfall.. (soooooo cold eh!).. ended up in sliding down the rocks several times.. haha! but it was worth it actually.. after climbing a thousand steps.. (felt like thousands!)..then.. get to dive, slide,, picturess!!! n etc...
this is the thousand steps I've mentioned.. dangerous jg la kn!
me on the rocks.. opposite: is the sliding-place I mentioned earlier.

what's amazing this sem is that.. we got this subject called Orientasi dan Mobiliti.. we, the students need to be blind folded and learn on using the cane (which the  blind people always used) and need be fully using our sensory (besides the eyes-vision) in mobility.. pheww!~.. truly exciting not to mention.. it is hard actually.. pretending to be blind with cane walking down the streets.. around tasik titiwangsa.. using monorail and then eating roti canai.. arghhhhh~! (hehe.. but I enjoyed them although that at the end of the day.. we felt so damn tired).. what scares me most is the upcoming Drop-Off test this Feb.. of course we will be blind folded.. then, our lecturer will drop us anywhere he wants and likes to.. then, we need to find our way back.. huhuhu!~
with my guide.!
after eating roti  canai..=)

aaahhh.. I almost forgot about the new year resolutions I've made for this year..
" Live everyday to the fullest, study hard,play hard and continue being the best I can be"
 and yeah.. it comes with the heart and desire to put health always on top.. ^^
(I've came up with this as I was on a plane back to KL, 3rd Jan 2011)

some of you might be wondering why I suddenly and bravely put my status as SINGLE in my fb account.. (awawawawawawa) and I did mentioned that it was part of my new year's resolution.. hmmm.. the inside story is ... honestly.. I've been afraid of putting my status as single in my fb account as I'm scared of what people might say behind my back.. stuffs like.. " eww.. dia ni mau2 sja kctau dia single".. something like that la..ahaha.. sounds funny rite.. but that's the ugly truth... haha! but,once I made the new year'resolution..(*kunun*) la.. hehe.. I feel brave enough to face the world..I don't care what anyone or whoever wants to say about the status thing.. 

last night, 14/1/2011.. with my friends having dinner at IKEA.. meat ball was delicious.. bt in the full wo!

*Dear Lord.. I pray that I'll be able to get through this semester with the very best of my ability and continue to bring and become the better me..Amen*